Super Power Boosters

Don't think of them as extra!!! I only made them "add-ons" so you could mix and match according to your needs.


Add one of these 1/2 hour services to supercharge your session with the amazing energy of mindbody medicine. They will infuse your massage or reiki with the deep, root-cause healing power you are looking for!


(By the way, typical add-ons like CBD oil, aromatherapy, massage cups, and stones are available with no extra charge. Just ask!)


In online booking, you will see PowerBooster options as you choose your service. 

Super Power Booster Add-On Options

Tap Out!

Choose this Power Booster Add-On to calm your mind before a massage or reiki session. Feelings like sadness, anger, resentment, frustration, grief can cause or exacerbate pain and anxiety that we experience in the body. EFT/tapping* can neutralize these emotions and dismantle their power so you can relax.

EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Technique. It's also sometimes called "tapping." That's because it's a process where we tap gently on acupuncture points to calm the nervous system while focusing on emotions or thought patterns that have been bothering you or have become overwhelming. 


Light Breathing

Are you living in your head? Many of us are caught in thoughts and worry that rule our lives. Light breathing will help you connect with your body, where you can find the answers to the causes of your pain and stress. This is a powerful mindbody guided meditation that you can also use at home to transmute pain to comfort, ease, and softness.


Possibilities Consult

Physical and emotional pain are complex and interwoven. Do you want to learn more about how to tease out and heal the threads of life experience that have added to your painful condition or difficult situation? 

Choose this Power Booster Add-On if you feel you want to go deeper than massage or other conventional methods like injections, medications, or surgery, but you don't know where to start. I'll help you choose a package or make suggestions for other avenues if what I offer is not a fit for your needs. 


Brainwave Alchemy

If thoughts of worry, resentment, sadness, or other negative emotions are constantly looping through your mind, chose this Add On to help replace them with positive affirmations. This is a specialized reiki technique that feels like it erases the negativity so the good vibes can come in!


Super-Focused Neck Massage

Soothe, untangle, and relax all the little intricate muscles of your neck and shoulders. It takes time to gently and thoroughly address this important but delicate area. Make sure your neck doesn't get cheated! Great for headaches, too! 

Reiki Upgrade

Reiki feels floaty and magical. Use it to clear and recharge your energy for deeper insight into pain or problems; to hear intuitive guidance; to create a deep meditative healing. I sometimes receive guidance for you that I am happy to share with your permission. Sometimes it's about your chakras. Sometimes it feels more like shamanic journeying. Sometimes there's nothing. Sometimes it's like a body part is speaking to me. Sometimes it's hard to explain, but  I do my best.