Chronic stress and pain are as much a nervous system problem as they are a muscle problem. In the bodymind paradigm, thoughts and feelings are connected to pain and discomfort in your body and in how you live your life. And often they are thoughts and feelings your aren't even aware of!

You will make big shifts when you gain access to these under-the-radar processes!

I'm going to help you uncover those runaway negative nervous system reactions, that you didn't even realize were stonewalling you...and shut them down.  So you can free up that energy for things like clarity, brilliance, and fun, that feel so much better than anxiety, overwhelm, and pain.

Image by Eunice De Guzman

See how EFT is helping vets with PTSD heal in profound ways.

See how even talk therapists are embracing the power of the bodymind techniques like tapping.

Meet my teacher, author of Tapping into Wealth and EFT expert, Margaret Lynch Raniere.

Learn all about EFT.


Emotional Freedom Technque, EFT, or simply "Tapping."

EFT INSTITUTE: "The popularity and use of EFT has grown significantly since its inception in the late 1990s. Scientific research continues to demonstrate its effectiveness for a wide variety of conditions including reductions in physical pain, anxiety, emotional stress, depression, PTSD, food cravings/weight loss issues, phobias and more. (2)"