Chronic stress and pain are as much a nervous system problem as they are a muscle problem. In the bodymind paradigm, thoughts and feelings (you didn't even know your had!) are connected to pain and discomfort in your body and in how you live your life.

When we gain access to these under-the-radar processes and then acknowledge them instead of ignoring them, this is when we can begin to really make some shifts. It's often easier, and faster than you'd imagined.

When I show you this powerful bodymind technique, called EFT/tapping, you might laugh to see how simple (and slightly weird) it seems. But people who give it a shot are usually wowed, and then go for it in a big way, eager, ruthless even, in getting rid of the ick and getting on with what's next!

When you sign up for a single tapping session or the full Work$Life transformational program, you're going beyond getting a massage every few months, or sitting in a corner by yourself trying to meditate, and quitting after the first three minutes. 

I'm going to help you uncover those runaway negative nervous system reactions, that you didn't even realize were stonewalling you, and shut them down.  So you can free up that energy for things like clarity, brilliance, and fun, that feel so much better than uncertainty and stuckness.


See how EFT is helping vets with PTSD heal in profound ways.

See how even talk therapists are embracing the power of the bodymind techniques like tapping.

Meet my teacher, author of Tapping into Wealth and EFT expert, Margaret Lynch Raniere.

Learn all about EFT.


Emotional Freedom Technque, EFT, or simply "Tapping."

EFT INSTITUTE: "The popularity and use of EFT has grown significantly since its inception in the late 1990s. Scientific research continues to demonstrate its effectiveness for a wide variety of conditions including reductions in physical pain, anxiety, emotional stress, depression, PTSD, food cravings/weight loss issues, phobias and more. (2)"



known as EFT or tapping

When we feel stress, what's happening is that our nervous system is moving into the "fight or flight" response.

Our breathing is shallow. Worried thoughts run through our heads.

We feel scattered and unproductive, overwhelmed, anxious, low energy, or a little down.

EFT is an evidence-based bodymind technique known to shut down the stress response. It can work quickly so you can get out of your head and regain your productivity, creativity, and joy. Come tell me what's on your mind and I'll show you how to tap it out.



TapChat is like calling a friend to vent...but better!

1. Tell me what's stressing you out. It helps to just talk and I'm a great listener.

2. I'll also teach you the "tapping rant!" You'll feel better today, and you can use it any time you need to take the edge off the overwhelm or a long, crazy day.

I'm offering these sessions right now for $49.

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