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For years, after my training for massage in Seattle, I watched people dragging themselves in for massage, after a work week of thinly-stretched nerves, traffic jams, and take out dinners.

Later, working at a surf school in the Dominican Republic for five years, I saw how much their chronic pain could dissolve...just by being on vacation and doing what they loved!

While there, I learned reiki, did tons of meditation, beach-walking, and writing. The tropical moon was my constant companion. I was in love with life! 

I moved back to Boston, in my home state of Massachusetts, though, because I felt I had to get back to "real life"... whatever I thought that was ...

Real life turned out to be working at Healthworks Fitness Center, getting "re-established." I was back to working with folks in the same grind as I'd experienced in Seattle.

I soothed their aching necks and backs as best I could, but I knew massage was only one part of the solution when they had persistent pain and stress-related symptoms. I knew their mindsets, hearts, and souls were also hurting.

So I pursued training in energy and mind/body methods that treat the whole person. As I learned true whole-person healing, I noticed changes in myself! My own migraines and other chronic pains subsided. I felt more confident and dissatisfied with the status quo I'd locked myself into without even realizing it! I changed how I worked and I changed relationships that no longer served me. 

Now I want for others what I found for myself ... that freedom from pain and from the stress of living a superficial life, built on the opinions and values of others and not our own.

Our world is changing. People are awakening to their spiritual selves, seeking truth and authenticity in their life choices. My mission is to support people in seeing themselves as I see them: unique, perfect and whole, exactly as they are.

"Healing" doesn't have to be mysterious and elusive. It means that you love and accept yourself radically. It can happen any moment. If you're here, this might be your moment.

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