For 20+ years I’ve watched people dragging themselves in for massage,

after a work week of thinly-stretched nerves, traffic jams, and take out.

I soothed their aching necks and backs as best I could, but I always knew massage was only one part of the solution when they had persistent pain.

So I pursued training in energy and mind/body methods that treat the whole person. 

Earlier on I told you the story about my Gram.

I would like to say I naturally went after my dreams like she did,

churning out goal after goal without batting an eye.

But nope.

It's true I have done what I wanted,

but not without plenty of wandering first, lost in self-doubt, loneliness, and fear.

I kind of did it the long way


I'd like the chance to guide you into and out of the wandering.

I want you to lose the self doubt and step into your next evolution. 

Massage for the body, reiki for the spirit, and Tapping Into Wealth coaching for the mindset.

I have finally reached the paradise of livelihoods! I want that for you, too!