For years I watched people dragging themselves in for massage,

after a work week of thinly-stretched nerves, traffic jams, and take out dinners.

I soothed their aching necks and backs as best I could, but I always knew massage was only one part of the solution when they had persistent pain.

So I pursued training in energy and mind/body methods that treat the whole person. Then I learned coaching so I could arrange services into packages that cultivate deeper transformation instead of simply coming in for occasional massage or reiki.

These days it's popular to talk about your "superpowers." My superpower is connecting with people one on one. I'm empathetic and intuitive, and I care about the human race.

Our world is changing. People are awakening to their spiritual selves, seeking truth and authenticity in their life choices. My mission is to support people in seeing themselves as I see them: perfect, whole, and unique exactly as they are.

"Healing" doesn't have to be mysterious and elusive. It means that you love and accept yourself radically. It can happen any moment. If you're here, this might be your moment.