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Let me share 

what I've learned by giving

thousands of massages

to all kinds of people

over many years:

Why massage is not enough: Text


Image by Aiony Haust
Why massage is not enough: Text


Why massage is not enough: Text

Many of us with chronic pain and stress have felt "knots" in their muscles. But have you ever thought about where those knots come from?

And why they keep coming back?

When your nervous system is stressed, it tells the muscles to tighten. It's easy to see why outside events, like work, difficult relationships, current events, etc. can cause stress and tight muscles.

But what about internal stresses?

Of course we all have external events that we can't control. We can, however, decide how we react to any given circumstance.

Often we have knee-jerk reactions... like anger, disapproval, blame, situations we view as negative that arise around us.

We might be too distracted, or it might not be appropriate in the moment, to examine and "process" every difficult incident we encounter.

So we "buck up" "grow up" "toughen up" or whatever other words we use to mean stuff down our feelings and get on with daily survival.

Over time we develop chronic aches or debilitating pain. We feel anxious and not quite the vibrant confident selves we used to be.

Why massage is not enough: Text
Image by Josue Michel


Why massage is not enough: Text

Our thoughts, feelings, and physical reactions are more intertwined than most of us ever imagined!

Our thoughts shoot off immediate surges of chemicals and hormones that produce emotions and changes in body function. 

No wonder pain levels soar when we are stressed!

For healing to begin, the first step is to become aware of the thoughts and emotions that arise inside us in reaction to the world outside us!

Many of us operate on autopilot for most of the day. We are unaware how much our own reactions are causing stress in our bodies.

Why massage is not enough: Text
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