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Reiki or Coincidence?

Reiki works. Either that or  coincidences  happen at the time a person receives Reiki. You can believe either version, but I believe in the power of Reiki. I have the perspective of witnessing a collective of shifts in my clients’ lives and countenances, some subtle, some vivid, as the energy flows freely, breaking through channels that have been clogged for years.

I feel energy pouring into sad, depleted chakras and body parts and it surprises me when someone gets up off the table and says they felt nothing. Lots of people don’t feel anything, though. It’s completely normal. That doesn’t mean Reiki isn’t doing its thing. It’s just not like a genie in a bottle where you make your wish and poof! it appears. Reiki is there behind the scenes, organizing your life into a more positive outcome. It’s a genie disguised as normal.

Here are some coincidences.

A person who doesn’t sleep well: She did not go home the night after her Reiki session and sleep like a baby. But talking to her casually a week later, she tells me how she has discovered a natural solution that has enabled her to finally let go of the prescription sleep medication she’s been on for years.

Here’s another: after several energy work sessions my client, a hair stylist, loses her job. That’s horrible, right? We hope the Reiki didn’t do that! As luck would have it, though, the rental space where she has been filling in occasionally becomes available full time. After a month of anxiety and scrambling, she finds herself in her own shop, a dream she’s had for the last few years, but has been too frightened to hope for.

And this: a client who feels she is drinking too much, enough so that she fears it is affecting her work life comes for Reiki twice. Then she stops coming in because it hasn’t made her quick drinking. I run into her a couple of months later while I am getting my lunch and we chat. She tells me about a wedding she went to, how they had a punch table set up that she thought was a nice touch. But she just tried a little and lost track of her cup without even finishing it. She mentions, “I don’t know I haven’t really been drinking much lately.”

The list goes on and on and develops into a cohesive knowing that these lives have been touched by the wandering energy of Reiki, always near, always seeping deeply or lightly into the places where it’s been called.

I am not taking credit for these coincidences. I give credit to a client who decides to shift something in her life and comes in to ask Reiki for help. And I give credit to Reiki for flowing perfectly into that life. The perfect amount. The perfect timing. The perfect outcome that is safe and appropriate for that person and that moment. I feel lucky to be present as the facilitator of such a mysterious and life-enhancing process.


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