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Word of Mouth

Yesterday a new client came in. Turns out she’d been to see me “when I had my office above Deep Elum in Allston.” It took us a minute to figure out she meant my office on Cambridge street at the chiropractor’s. I love that she associated me with a fun bar instead of a medical office! I love that she remembered me three years later when she needed another massage!

A month ago a new client came in. Turns out she’d been to see me once on Newbury Street five years ago. She told me that she and her boyfriend were always saving up time and money for massages. She said her boyfriend often asked her, “So when are we going to Lisa Bedoya Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.” She said they always called me by the entire name of my business. I found it somehow endearing.

Last spring a new client came in. Turns out her trainer at a cross fit on the south shore knew me from Healthworks. Like another new client whose mother used to be a regular in 2013. Like so many new clients who found me on Yelp.

Every day I am grateful to my clients who tell their friends who tell their friends to come see me. If it weren’t for them I might be sitting at a desk failing miserably at my job like the time my dad got me a summer job in a bank and I could never balance my drawer nor coif my hair to the director’s approval. (Yes, he said coif.)


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