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Power Boosters

Add these 1/2 hour services to supercharge your sessions with the amazing power of mindbody medicine.


Use them to create a session that's perfect for YOU!

(After booking your service, you will see Power Booster options.)

Super Power Booster Add-On Options:


Feelings like sadness, anger, resentment, and grief can cause or exacerbate pain and anxiety.


This add-on uses the powerhouse mindbody technique, Emotional Freedom Technique, to neutralize heavy emotion. (Emotional Freedom Technique is sometimes called  EFT or tapping.)

It stops spinning thoughts, or heavy emotion so you can "pre-relax" and sink straight into the massage or reiki!




This guided visualization will send your mind through your body, seeking and dismantling areas of pain and contraction.


You don't have to do a thing. Your breath will gently shift your nervous system out of "fight or flight" mode into the relaxation mode that is necessary for healing to occur.


Ask questions about energy work. Not an energy "reading," but a chance to explore solutions to life challenges from a spiritual/energetic perspective.


Get support if you are very sensitive, empathic, or awakening spiritually. Feel more grounded and reassured that you are on the right path!



If thoughts of worry, resentment, sadness, or other negative emotions are constantly looping through your mind, Positivity Reiki will help replace them with positive affirmations.


This specialized technique feels like negativity is being erased from your brain to make room for the good vibes to come in!



Add extra time specifically for your upper body to open your heart and take a load off your shoulders. Great for headaches, computer neck, and emotional stress.

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