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Power Boosters

They're added on to regular services, but they're not just extra niceties, like a hot towel add-on or eucalyptus foot scrub.

person in deep meditation on the beach

Add these 1/2 hour services to supercharge your sessions with the amazing power of mindbody medicine.


Use them to create a session that's perfect for YOU!

(After booking your service, you will see Power Booster options.)

Super Power Booster Add-On Options:


This add-on uses the powerhouse mindbody technique, Emotional Freedom Technique, to neutralize heavy energy. It helps to stop spinning thoughts or anxious sensations, so you can "pre-relax" and sink straight into the massage or reiki!



Look for the mindset blocks that might be keeping you stuck. Explore solutions to life challenges from a spiritual/energetic perspective. Learn about mindbody healing. Get support if you are very sensitive, empathic and overwhelmed with energies around you.



Add extra time specifically for your upper body to open your heart and take a load off your shoulders. Great for headaches, computer neck, and emotional stress.


Mindful movement for pain and stress relief. Perfect if you want to meditate but can't sit still. Or if pain keeps you from exercising. Or if you want to learn to feel energy.


Learn to breathe into your belly. The first step to calming your nervous system that so many people miss ... or mistake as unimportant. 

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