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1. Reiki isn't a mystical gift for a select few. It's a self-care method you can easily do at home! Or anywhere!


2. Its benefits are similar to meditation, and it's easy to learn.


3. Reiki Shares, or Circles! Traditionally Reiki involves practicing with like-hearted friends!

4. Sharing reiki with others helps with managing your energy and setting boundaries, which is the #1 problem that empathic, energy-sensitive people ask me about.

Everyone is invited to our in-person Reiki Circle, whether you are a reiki practitioner or newly interested in learning. We practice and receive reiki, and discuss spiritual topics, including our own progress!


If you're not trained in reiki, try Reiki Circle twice. After that, you'll need to attend Reiki Level One class in order to continue. See details below!

$10 for visitors!

Already trained in First Degree Reiki? Please join us as a visitor. Second Degree? Reiki Master? Everyone is welcome!

Reiki Circle is a limited-space event in my small, "cozy" session room. There's comfortably room for me plus four. Make your reservation now! Come meet like-hearted friends!

No availability on the day you want? Text me for wait list! 617 455 7085

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Reiki is simple to learn, but there are a few basic principles you need to know in order to practice properly.

My classes are a step up from the usual day-long event, where a lot of info is crammed in and there isn't much time to practice. Instead, I offer a hybrid class that people find much more enjoyable and effective!

Here's how it works:

1. Purchase the class, see below. You'll have 2 months to complete the following actions.


2. With your purchase, you'll be prompted to book a private in-person session with me to discuss any questions and receive your attunement.

3. Receive the online manual to complete at your leisure.

4. Complete 10 simple questions so I know you have a basic understanding of what reiki is.

5. Attend at least 4 Reiki Circles. 

6. Receive your First Degree Reiki Certificate, digital and/or printed.

Contact me if you have questions, and make sure to check the Reiki Circle schedule above, to make sure you can attend.

Fee: $199

Use this button to purchase class, and schedule your in-person session with me!

Reiki Class
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