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Massage Therapy: Text

I specialize in deeply healing massage with reiki

Acupressure Neck Massage

massage + reiki  90 min

massage + reiki  2hr

30, 60, 90 min

Reiki-Infused Massage

People often ask what kind of massage I do.


Regardless of the "technique" I'm using, my treatment is informed by the state of energy present in the tissues.


I hold pressure on constricted, painful muscles until they loosen and feel comfortable again. I let healing energy flow into sore, stuck tendons until they begin to glide and move more easily.


My style is slow and focused, because it takes time to allow the energy to move and transform. Please choose enough time relative to the degree of pain and discomfort you want to heal.


When a body feels anxious, overwhelmed, flighty or irritable, there is often an accompanying posture of rounded shoulders and a caving-in around the heart.


There is usually pain near the shoulder blades and spine, and often neck pain or headaches. Sometimes migraine or tingling in the arms and hands will be present as well. 

Massage is a wonderful way to support a body that's in pain, or feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

My particular strength lies in helping heads and necks, shoulders and upper backs to relax so the area around the heart feels more "open." 


I have found that this relaxed state in the front of the body is often accompanied by an easing of pain, anxiety, low energy, stuckness, overwhelm and lack of confidence.


To achieve this state, I suggest these Power Booster Add-Ons to enhance your massage or massage + reiki session:

"Emotional Freedom"

"Focused Neck + Shoulder"

Massage Therapy: Text
massage add ons


According to the research*, the best results of therapeutic massage come from calming the body, not beating it up. Saying "I can take it!" only causes stress. You don't need to tolerate pain to receive the benefits of massage therapy.


There's no evidence that proves the no pain no gain theory. It's a myth that massage must hurt to be effective. Doesn't it make sense that pain would put you into "fight or flight" mode?


Isn't what we want the opposite, the "relaxation response," where healing can take place? That's what I make of the research anyway. That's why there is no "butt-kicking" in my treatment room. Here's what you can expect instead:

  • Expert integrative, intuitive massage that magically unwinds every pain point, but does not hurt. And don't worry. It's not too gentle either!

  • Super "Power Booster" add-on services. Yes, you add them on, but don't think of them as "extras!" They will transform a nice massage into a deep healing experience that touches on root causes of pain and heavy emotion. 

  • Relaxed timing to accommodate your pre-session consult and post-session check in. Take a breath, settle in, enjoy.

*Check this eye-opening review of the evidence-based effects of massage therapy 


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