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Reviews I received by email :-) from my very first clients ❤️

“…a seismic improvement…”

Since undergoing the treatments with Ms. Bedoya the frequency and severity of the migraines dropped dramatically, from as many as 10 to 12 a month to a manageable three or four. That’s truly a seismic improvement in the quality of my life.

Tom F.
client since 2010

“If you have had trauma and pain…please go see Lisa so she can help you as she has helped me.”

Three years ago I had a frozen shoulder and the doctor insisted that we operate. I didn’t want the operation so I went to physical therapy. It was somewhat helpful but I feel like Lisa was the one who really helped me get movement back in my shoulder and saved me from having surgery.

I had a very bad experience with surgery 25 years ago. I was to have a kidney removed but the surgery was extremely painful and traumatic.

The anesthesiologist was inexperienced and I actually became conscious during the procedure. Also, nerves were accidentally cut, leaving me with some paralysis and extreme stiffness and lack of mobility in my back, hips, and legs that has caused me pain and
frustration for years.

It has been a long process but Lisa has helped me to reduce the pain and to improve the posture and tightness of my body. Lisa can also do nice, relaxing massage, but if you have had trauma and pain like I had, please go see Lisa so she can help you as she has helped me.

Nina S.
client since 2007


“…a true professional with a great generosity of spirit.”

Human touch in the form of massage always feels good. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a therapist whose touch is healing. If you’re really lucky, you’ll find Lisa Bedoya, whose touch is not only healing, but transformative.

Lisa is a true professional with great generosity of spirit. A session with her will not only give you deep relaxation, but her metaphysical magic will leave you with a profound sense of peace that lasts far beyond the session.

Kim N.
client since 2009

“I can honestly say she is the best massage therapist I’ve been to.”

Lisa is a miracle worker. Seriously. I first received a PainKiller massage from her more than a year ago when I had a pinched nerve in my neck that no one else could help me with.

I’d been to doctors, physical therapists, and other massage therapists yet still I was in so much pain I was in tears and could barely function.

After an hour on Lisa’s table, I experienced my first relief in over three weeks. One more massage and I was completely pain-free.

I do a lot of work at the computer and tend to lug around heavy bags, so I’ve been seeing her every other week so she can work out any kinks as they arise. I can honestly say that she is the best massage therapist I’ve been to.

She has an uncanny ability to know right where my trouble spots are and she works them intensely but not to the point of pain. And unlike other massage therapists I’ve seen, I have no soreness or bruising after one of her PainKiller massages.

On weeks when my neck and shoulders are in good shape, I still see keep my appointments so I can experience her soothing Sedative massage, which is so relaxing!

As if her skills weren’t enough, she’s also a great person with a wonderful sense of humor. I can recommend her without reservation!

Julie R.
client since 2009


“Lisa is a true body mechanic.”

Her vast skills from reiki, craniosacral to the range of techniques of massage addresses all my needs from the stresses of daily life as well as issues from severe spinal stenosis. Lisa is awesome and great to work with.

Jennifer C.
client since 2011


“She understands the human body…and where the pain radiates from.”

I have had chronic neck issues over the years and Lisa has managed to help me through some very painful periods. Her knowledge goes well beyond massage therapy. She understands the human body and always knows exactly where the pain radiates from. Her peaceful treatment room and her extensive knowledge and expertise make every appointment a deeply satisfying experience.
Her warm and kind personality is a delight. On countless occasions, we have gotten deep into conversation and she gently reminds me that my appointment is all about me. I love that she looks out for her client’s best interests and wants every experience under her finger tips to be both relaxing and theraputic.
I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone. She is professional, extremely capable and approaches every session with a holistic and very caring manner.

Alexandra A.
client since 2008

“I can’t say enough about Lisa.”

Due to my profession, I have a significant amount of lower back and shoulder tension/pain. Since i’ve been seeing Lisa on a regular basis…nothing! She combines the right amount of “working out the kinks” with “soothing” to leave you feeling refreshed.

Sung B.
client since 2009


“…the first time in two weeks I didn’t walk with a limp!”

Just a quick email to let you know that your work on my foot/ankle/leg yesterday
was wonderful. Afterwards, walking home, was the first time in 2 weeks I didn’t walk with a limp!
Feels good (altho still healing) this am.Thank you so much for all your skill, tlc and good work on the ole girl!

Mary W.
client since 2009

“more relief than traditional physical therapy”

I have lived with chronic neck and shoulder pain/tightness for several years, and Lisa has given me more relief from it than traditional physical therapy or anti-inflammatory medication ever did. From my first appointment, she has always taken the time to get the “full picture” of my problem, so that she can focus on just the right areas. I recommend her to all my friends who say, “I need a massage!”

Sara K.
client since 2008

“A massage with Lisa is pure heaven.”

I was thinking today that if I were filthy rich, I would get a massage with her every week. She is the best and super nice too. I always leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and on top of the world!

Vanessa St. L. via Yelp
client since 2007

“…she is a best kept secret!”

I have been going to Lisa for many years and almost don’t want to write this since she is a best kept secret! Taking care of yourself is important so I make it a priority to see Lisa once a week to work out the kinks and help me relax. I love the new space – relaxing and cozy.I have been to many massage therapist through the years for lower back pain and all have been either too “doctor’s office” or just a spa rubdown. Lisa is the perfect mix of both!

Cyndy J. via Yelp
client since 2007

“I would recommend Lisa Bedoya very high(t)ly.”

I have been to Lisa on Newbury St. twice and I will go back again.
She takes the time to talk to you about any areas that might be bothering you before your massage. Lisa is a professional and her prices are very reasonable.

Pat M. via Yelp
client since 2011

“I feel lucky that I know her…”

After having a massage session with Lisa, I always feel like I just came back from a vacation: my mind and body are so relax and my back’s knots and pains are relieved. She always listens to what I need and exceeds my expectations. There are many Massage Therapists out there, but finding a good one isn’t easy…I feel lucky that I know her and I can come to see her when I’m too stressed!

client since 2008


“She is a warm, positive person I truly like a lot.”

After trying various massage therapists around Boston, I am so thankful to have found Lisa, whose client I have been for a long time now. She is really “head and shoulders above the rest,” as my head and shoulders can testify. There are so many reasons why, but I can sum them up by saying Lisa has never given me the same massage twice: she listens to what I need, making me feel heard, and knows how to improve the situation. She simply does the best massage work I’ve ever had. I am always better, and I get honest feedback about what she’s found, so I know how to take care of myself. She’s been great with easing the aches and pains of long work sessions and everyday stress, and she is now part of my well-being routine. But Lisa has also helped me during periods of great stress; her work let me experience intense and necessary release.

The massage therapist I saw before Lisa unfortunately injured me, so it’s saying a lot that I felt safe with her right away. She is a warm, positive person I truly like a lot. When she works, I feel her skill and focus, and she is always responsive to any need that arises during the session. I know we are both “being in the moment,” and that is important to me. I also love the way Lisa reaches out to the community to serve others with what she does so well.

Lin N.
client since 2009


“These sessions changed my life, in the best way.”

This was unlike any energy work I have experienced!”

Hartley B.


“Lisa has a real gift for seeing energy.”

“I’ve had two Lightworkers healing sessions with Lisa, and am eagerly looking forward to a third. Lisa has a real gift for seeing energy. She was able to see, describe and facilitate removal of an energy that had been with me and hurting me since before birth. Other energy workers had seen it, but could not find a way to free me from it. I highly recommend Lisa’s work for anyone who sincerely wants help healing their energy.” 

Paula C.


“…natural intuitive ability…”

“I’ve had 4 Lightworker sessions with Lisa. I wasn’t sure how it worked and didn’t know what to expect at first. She did a wonderful job at explaining things and has a natural intuitive ability to do just what is needed. I found the sessions to be interesting, insightful, and helpful. Lisa’s sincere insights have helped to open things up in my life personally and professionally. I’m glad that I have had the opportunity to try it and plan on continuing as needed. Because Lisa is so grounded and down to earth, she is probably the only person I would trust with this type of work!”

Christina D.


“…physical improvements, increases in my energy levels, and spiritual insights…”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first Lightworkers session with Lisa. I had some experience with Reiki and other forms of energy healing, so I suppose I was expecting she would move her hands around and do some stuff and I would feel better. Well, it was much more intense than that. It was strange and wonderful and powerful. Some of the details that came out took me aback, but Lisa is so wonderfully grounded and funny and down-to-earth that she is able to create a space to hold everything and makes you feel very comfortable. The sessions I’ve had have changed my life in many ways. I have had physical improvements, increases in my energy levels, and shifts in spiritual insights that I have never before experienced in such a short period of time. I highly recommend you try it!” 

Julie R.

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