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Explore root-cause healing for physical pain and emotional stress:

anxiety, worry, low energy, repeating thoughts, relationship health, self-confidence and empowerment


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Eft Tapping: FAQ
Why choose Emotional Freedom Technique?

Many of my clients say they are trying to be positive. They want to feel better and they believe a positive attitude will help. They're not wrong!
Holding back, or "managing" your feelings, though, takes up a huge amount of energy!

We might look positive on the outside, but on the inside we feel stuck in repeating thoughts or heavy emotion. We feel unable to move

Emotional Freedom Technique (eft tapping) is a safe and effective way to examine stuck emotional energy. Once you address that, you can use your energy more productively.

You will feel lighter and ready to solve problems from a place of calm. You will have a broader perspective and feel more resourceful. 

My clients are amazed at how quickly they feel better!

eft tapping on side of hand point
eft tapping on chin point
eft tapping on collar bone points

Emotional Freedom Technique is often called eft tapping or just tapping. That's because it's done by tapping on acupressure points as you repeat positive affirmations. It might look a little silly, but it's super powerful and evidence based!


Emotional Freedom Technque, EFT, or simply "Tapping."


EFT INSTITUTE: "The popularity and use of EFT has grown significantly since its inception in the late 1990s. Scientific research continues to demonstrate its effectiveness for a wide variety of conditions including reductions in physical pain, anxiety, emotional stress, depression, PTSD, food cravings/weight loss issues, phobias and more. (2)"

Learn all about EFT.

See how even talk therapists are embracing the power of the bodymind techniques like tapping.

See how EFT is helping vets with PTSD heal in profound ways.

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