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Soothing, uplifting, enlightening, meditative - people love this popular healing method from Japan!

Choose reiki for relief from stress and anxiety, or if you're in pain that feels "deeper" than a muscle ache. Reiki can open you to new hope + possibilities, often accessed in the meditative state during your session. Reiki works on the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual levels.

reiki healing

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Are you feeling expansive? Suddenly dissatisfied with the status quo? "Knowing" there is something more? Increasingly aware of the bigger picture? Pulled to truly fulfilled your life's purpose?

Feeling you're meant to do healing work?

Reiki can help you hear guidance in your session. Also consider Reiki classes (scroll down) or the Power to Heal package.

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It is easy to learn Reiki so you can work on self-care at home. Everyone is invited to our in-person Reiki Circle, whether you are a reiki practitioner or newly interested in learning. You'll get to practice and receive reiki. Text me for more info or sign up now! Space is limited so save your space. Come meet like hearted friends!

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