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Wake Up Calls

seeking glimpses of spirit in every day life

"... cherishing yourself in order to be who you are. This is the basis of all healing.”
Barbara Brennan, energy healer, author of Hands of Light

One Remedy for Sadness

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

If you are not an artist or an empath, maybe don’t bother with this post. It will probably be as fun for you as a packed blaring party is for an introvert.

I remember someone close to me staring softly, for hours, into some memory on the other side of his eyes. I couldn’t see it. But you could feel the pain, you know? I asked if I could help. It took some effort, but the eyes adjusted their gaze to look at me. My heart hurt and pounded louder.

“It’s hard being sad, but I would never give it back. Would you?”

In that moment, I realized that, no, I never would. I understood suddenly that I’d been born this way, too. And suddenly I was grateful, and in love with it.

Several years ago I learned that there is actually a word for this, the Portuguese “saudade.” I won’t attempt an English translation because best selling author, Sarah Wilson’s, is flawless and beautiful to read.

Put on your headphones and read the her post while you listen to A Song for Bob by Nick Cave. When you finish reading, sit breathing and listening to the rest of the song which is six minutes long.

It is my hope that, like I did, you might feel free when you realize you are only another sane person in love with saudade.

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