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Wake Up Calls

seeking glimpses of spirit in every day life

"... cherishing yourself in order to be who you are. This is the basis of all healing.”
Barbara Brennan, energy healer, author of Hands of Light

What do we really want? It’s not always what we “think.”

Last night I posted the link below to my Facebook page, saying how I admire the person in the photo. I have often wondered what it would be like to have the courage to take to the streets. My heart dreams of freedom from convention, freedom from fear, constraint.

I have lived in three countries, three of the United States and eleven cities. I have learned two foreign languages. Lived on a lonely tropical beach. And ridden a camel in the Sahara desert. My heart usually gets what it wants.

Why then, have I convinced myself that I am desperate for conventional success…and that I’ve failed? I get caught, like many of us, thinking I’ll never have enough money, or recognition, vacations, or praise.  I get caught comparing my own precious life to the lives of others. And fearing the worst: comparison and judgment by “them.”

It’s the thinking that kills us every time, isn’t it? while the happy heart goes pumping away unnoticed.

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