August 5, 2021 

Please wear a mask as per current CDC recommendation due to delta varian uptick in Suffolk county.  If you are unable to use a mask, please do not schedule an appointment.

Make sure you understand the risk of blood clotting and Covid 19. Read more about that here. 

(I personally have not heard about incidents of blood clotting issues due to massage related to Covid, but I'm leaving this information to inform you of the slight concern that may be present.)

Last minute cancellations with no charge, for any sign of infection of Covid-19, or suspicion of contact with an exposed person, will be allowed and required, on my part as well as yours.

The extra intake and waiver forms are still in place, as well a and the assumption that if you have reason to believe you have been exposed, will inform me immediately, as will I inform you, including up to 14 days after your appointment.

Extra time will be allowed between clients for sanitizing.



Along with well-known symptoms of possible Covid -19 infections, please read carefully to learn about a lesser known condition, related to Covid – 19 and UNSAFE to receive massage therapy.

I am bringing this to your attention, not to instill fear, but because I feel it is my professional and ethical obligation to provide objective information.

Every person must decide for themselves whether it is a deterrent to receiving massage therapy.

This condition is called blood coagulopathy. That means the blood clotting mechanisms are disrupted and blood clots may be forming, with the affected person completely unaware.

It is considered unsafe to perform massage therapy where coagulopathy is present or suspected.

Since blood clots may be present even in cases of non-symptomatic Covid – 19, it is IMPERATIVE that you not dismiss the last three questions on my Covid – 19 Intake Form as irrelevant.

They are:

Can you exercise to get your heart rate and respiratory rate up without any problem?

Have you had a new onset of muscle aches and pain since the emergence of the virus? 

Have you seen any new marks, rashes, spots, bumps, or other lesions on your skin?

Their purpose is to screen for known signs of coagulopathy.

Here is an article by Ruth Warner, a trusted and respected educator in the field of massage therapy, particularly in the area of pathology. COVID – 19 RELATED COAGULOPATHY

Covid – 19 is not the only condition that can be causing coagulopathy. We could all have it at any moment without knowing.

I would be remiss to not point out its relevance, however. Only you can decide if it is a factor that makes you uncomfortable receiving massage therapy.