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Fun and easy resources if you're new to mind/body/energy healing

Updated: May 31, 2023

Something's happening and I love it! Lots of people are visiting me who are brand new to the ideas of bodymind medicine or energy healing. I try to squash a lot of explanation into our consult time, before we start your service. I like to be generous with my time!

But I've noticed that I've let my schedule become slightly compromised. (And maybe yours? 😬 sorry) We get to chatting and our session goes way "over." That's on me because I love to talk about this!

I'm asking for your help, though, to stay on time a little better....and still get you the information you are seeking!

First of all, please sign up for "Possibilities Consult" (add on) or "Friendly Chat" (online) if you want time to talk. There's no charge, but it helps me keep my schedule straight.

Another possibility is to, before you come in, try these suggestions to give yourself an overview about how the mind/body/energy system works.

Yesterday I rewatched a documentary(ish) called HEAL. If you are new to bodymind- or energy healing, I recommend it as an easy-to-watch, straightforward overview. It explains the core concepts. It includes interviews by well known proponents, researchers, and authors like Marianne Williamson and Joan Borysenko.

If you like science, try Joe Dispenza's Rewired documentary series to learn about our nervous system and the WHYs and HOW TOs of repatterning our thought processes and emotional reactions.

The Mindbody Toolkit by Kim D'Eramo is a well-organized book with explanations and exercises you can begin to use right away.

And Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life is a classic that all but kicked off the modern mindbody movement back in the 80s or 90s.


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