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What is the "Spiritual Bypass" and how is it stopping your from healing?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Good morning!

Is this a new idea for you? Or one that you're familiar with?

I'm talking about the idea of the spiritual bypass. I'm bringing it up again because it's so prevalent, yet so easily overlooked. And it's super important if you feel you've tried many things to feel better but "nothing's working."

The spiritual bypass means that, in striving to be spiritual, you ignore human earthly problems instead of working through them. A common example: You tell yourself you have risen above anger for someone who has hurt you.

Maybe you turn the other cheek, or send them love and light. Maybe you force yourself to feel love and gratitude because others are suffering so much more than you.

Along with the spiritual bypass, I would add the intellectual bypass, and the adulting bypass.

Intellectual because we know in our minds we "should" forgive. We mistake knowing with our minds for forgiving with our hearts.

Adulting because, as grown-ups, we are not allowed to throw tantrums. We mistake following that rule on the outside with not being angry inside.

If you've been with me awhile, you may have heard me say I never knew I was angry until I was in my 40s. I knew but I didn't know. As soon as I admitted it to myself, though, I understood how and why I was so snappy. So judgmental. So easily hurt. So quick to feel criticized. So migraine-y.

Of course yours may be another emotion besides anger. It doesn't matter what emotion it is. It matters that you acknowledge it. A whole new world can open. A new way of being.

And that new way of being will be more honest. More truly spiritual, more emotionally intelligent, and more mature. Lighter and less painful.

If you have jumped straight from insult and injury to "letting go" of a feeling you think is noxious, think again. The real noxious thing is pretending not to feel.

The deeper I immerse myself with mind/body/energy work, the more I see what harm is done by denying a person their human emotions. And how the denial causes pain in the body...anxiety...depression. It's too much for your body to hold!

To lighten and free your body here are two things I offer: 1. Emotional Freedom Technique sessions and 2. Light Breathing add-on.

Emotional Freedom is for you if you want to quickly see the emotions that cause you pain. We'll start with a guided meditation to help you get straight to the heart of the matter.

Then I'll assist you in working through whatever truth you find. True it can feel a little dicey, because, well, most of us aren't used to our feelings. But often we are smiling and laughing by the end. It's so worth it!

If you want a more gentle, passive exploration of emotion stored in the body, choose the Light Breathing add-on. After your massage or reiki session, I'll guide your mind into your body so you can begin to get a new perspective on physical discomfort. You'll begin to sense it with understanding and compassion...instead of trying to fight or kill it!

It is a part of YOU you are trying to fight and kill. I already put it in bold, but also read that again! That's the opposite of healing. Let's try something different!

Questions or comments? Reply to this email! Have a great Sunday! I'm so looking forward to Reiki Circle. Maybe we'll see YOU next week if you're not joining us tonight.


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