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True Friends You Can Count on One Hand

Today is my birthday. I am grateful for the friends who wish me a happy birthday without prompting from social media or marketing sofware. They are the people who have been wishing me happy birthday since school and “young professional” days. They have at some point sent me a card or showed up at lunch with fancy little gift bag. We have hugged in person and had one-too-many. Sometimes we just send an electronic heart because it was a busy day and we are in different time zones. But we never miss. These are my friends for life, and one in heaven already because she left life early.

I’m thankful to be alive on a glorious day in July. It’s sunny and hot, but not too hot, my favorite. I found a great new stylist yesterday so my hair looks good. Just kidding. Good hair is important but not so much as my people, already trickling in last night and this morning with their their smileys and phone calls, their invitations to lunch, and heads up to check the mail. 7am and it already is a happy birthday to me.


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