TurnAround packages expire in 2 months:
So you can stay with your goal of elevated self-care. Happiness, health, and healing are yours!





Finally feel better! Spot-specific treatment for chronic pain that needs consistent, gentle or deep massage, and/or reiki, to rebalance + heal. Fragile necks and armored backs cannot be forced to change. They can be coaxed and retrained, but it takes time and focus. That's what these packages are for.

four or six 30 minute sessions …. $220/329

four or six 60 minute sessions …. $399/599


Clear energy + mindset blocks! Discover and abolish self-sabotaging beliefs and unhealthy thought patterns. Replace them with uplifting affirmations so you can let go of resentment, worry, etc. Stop living in the past and start start cherishing every moment with new enthusiasm and a can-do attitude! Combo of eft/tapping and "brainwave alchemy" reiki.

four or six 90 minute sessions …. $399/549


Upift + fortify your energy body! Reiki sessions to release the energy of others and supercharge your own! Remove energetic blocks so you can ease pain and calm anxiety. Hear and use your own clear, strong voice. Start living your true life path, guided by spirit and not by the opinions and influence of others. Reiki treatment and home practice instruction and support.

four or six 60 minute sessions …. $306/459

also includes reiki self-treatment instruction, attunement, and email support for 2 months


Ignite purpose + passion! (ONLINE) Banish feelings of lack and shine with vibrant abundance instead! Precise and powerful eft/tapping sessions designed specifically for breaking down old patterns of "never enough" so you can begin to believe in and live your true life purpose and go after your heart-centered goals. You won't believe the negative things you've been telling yourself!

four or six 75-90 minute sessions …. $399/549

also includes eft manual + email support for 2 months


Honor your Self truly + completely! Ready to really shake up your status quo? Shift into receiving mode with two months of radical self care. After each Trilogy session, you will feel grounded, peaceful yet fierce, and ready for the world. Do them weekly or biweekly for two months ... and meet the brand new, radiant, powerful you! Trilogy sessions are two-hour super sets of massage, reiki, and eft/tapping.

four or six 120 minute sessions …. $649/999