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Wake Up Calls

seeking glimpses of spirit in every day life

"... cherishing yourself in order to be who you are. This is the basis of all healing.”
Barbara Brennan, energy healer, author of Hands of Light

Aww, remembering Dog a Day

In 2009 I got to experience something I’d only yet heard about from my clients: sciatica. Wow they weren’t kidding. That thing hurt.

I believe in natural cures, so I decided walking every day would help to cure it. I thought it would be motivating to take a picture of a dog every day while I was walking. The idea was that I would post the pic to Facebook and my friends would call me out if I missed a day.

Dog A Day was really fun. I think I kept it up about 7 months. And the sciatica has never returned. Knock on wood.

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