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let go. and let your 

soul. shine

"let's just go"

Rejoicing in Green

Today I woke up with a mild headache. For that I am grateful. After ten-odd years of regular migraines, waking up a little sore feels like falling in love. You open your eyes and your face is already smiling. You yawn and stretch and remember why. The image of your person’s face comes to mind, and you smile even deeper, in your heart.

It’s raining today but the greens of summer and a red robin pop. I know that a cup of coffee and a short stretch will cure this nagging twinge. I smile even deeper, in my heart. I am awake. No migraine.

Thank you to whatever force drives the killing pain of a migraine and then takes it away for reasons mysterious, even to science. Mysterious afflictions causing pain and delerium are a beautiful thing in their own secret, poetry-making way. Still, I’m glad this beautiful affliction has left me now, to rejoice in backyard birds and glistening grasses. I’ve had enough of rejoicing in the absence of pain after a three-day migraine.

I’m now taking a moment of silent meditation for everyone on the planet waking today in excruciating pain. You can join me if you like.


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