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Smile to Your Belly Fat

I learned a qi gong practice called inner smiling. Smiling is smiling, everyone knows what that is. Inner smiling is simple, too. You smile to the inside of yourself. Smile to your heart. Smile to your lungs. Smile to your belly fat. Ok, I made that last one up, but still, that’s the whole point, to love your whole self. Almost none of us love ourselves enough. It makes for all kinds of pain and drama in life. I’ll bet it’s the root cause of belly fat.

This morning I smiled to my heart for five little minutes. Warm waves of pink, gold, and gratitude started pulsing from my heart. They moved outward, through every bone and nerve, to the one-cell capillaries in my fingers and toes. Qi and happiness pumped through my whole life and kickstarted this cloudy Monday.

And that was only five minutes.

We look everywhere else for fun, and fulfillment, and answers to the questions of life. We all have a body. It’s with us every moment, like a special secret. We are looking everywhere else for the answers, for the happiness and contentment, and ignoring our own bodies, those special private friends, dying every day to share their secrets.


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