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It Didn’t Work

Has this happened to you? You have some chronic condition, pain, problem, pattern that won’t go away?  You tried this or that treatment, but it just didn’t work. Or maybe it worked a little. Or maybe it worked for awhile but “then the problem came back.” So you tried again. Or you tried a different treatment. And so on.

And how many holistic practitioners say “Come see me and get to the root of your problem. Solve it once and for all!” They believe that it can happen. I believe it, too. I have seen it happen.

Just the other day I got a call from the sister of a hypnosis client who had come to me only one time. The client had never returned and I thought I had done a “bad” job. Turns out the sister wanted to see mee because of the sweeping changes she had seen in her brother’s life after his one and only session.

Oh, so nice for my ego!

No. No. No. What happened was that the brother happened to come to me at a crucial point in his healing JOURNEY. All he needed was that one session for a major shift to occur. On that issue. For now. There will certainly be others. This one might even return, though on a different level.

This morning I did a healing on myself for a threatening migraine. I journeyed through past and future lives, retrieved energy lost through family relationships going back centuries. I plumped up my DNA and banished limiting beliefs! I finished my session full of energy and hope.

When I finished the session, everything that’s holy told me to drink lots of water. What did I do? I had a cup of coffee. Apparently I wasn’t really hell-bent on healing the migraines once and for all.

I will not get the full-blown migraine, just a little headache. And I received another precious drop of insight into how to proceed with my life. Healing occurred! I feel great. And the headaches are becoming less and less of a presence in my life. Drinking coffee instead of water means to me that I was only ready for a certain amount of “healing” to occur this morning.

I can either accept my own choice and limitations and feel excellent about the healing that DID occur, anticipating with faith and happiness the next step on my own sacred, private, healing journey.

Or I can think, “Oh, it didn’t work.”


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