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let go. and let your 

soul. shine

"let's just go"

the gift of presence

what if it were true that nobody needed your help?

what if what they needed was for you to stand in unwavering alignment with your true self, your higher self, your reason for being on this planet…and to stand beside them, encouraging them, believing in them unwaveringly while they found the courage to do the same?

what if your job were to take care of you, and allow others to take care of themselves?

of course there would still be helping, but it would clean and fully loving, flowing alongside joy and light from your Source. imagine the helping as it was meant to be, free of resentment and payback and unceremonious, ego-driven overgiving.

what if self care didn’t mean occasionally splurging at the spa in the middle of the day on a wednesday because damn it, you deserve it after all you do. what if it meant instead to stand fully in your truth, and what if you no longer needed to be *brave* in order to do that? what if you felt easy and comfortable in your own skin, with or without the spa, and whether or not Brene Brown told you it was ok?

what would you do with yourself if nobody needed your help as we know it? what if what you chose to do with your heart, though, even in times of solitude, rippled out to affect the whole of humanity? because it does.


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