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let go. and let your 

soul. shine

"let's just go"


our bodies. they are made up of vibrating bits. we all learned about atoms and molecules in high school science. it’s easy to forget the truth of that when we’ve got a knot in our shoulder that’s hard as rock.

i’ve heard it said that our bodies are made of trillions of those swirling bits, as many as stars in the universe, and with as much space between them. the truth is something like that, although it’s a tricky thought for me to fathom, much less explain.

in 9th grade science Mr. Poudrier told us the electrons of the molecules jump to different levels of vibration around the nucleus. that changes what the molecule “is.”

so then on a macro level our bodies also vibrate at different frequencies, and the parts of our bodies that are concentrations of vibrating bits can also change their vibration.

otherwise how could that knot soften?

we’ve all had knots and felt them soften. “get that knot out!”

what does that actually mean?

look, i know i don’t know how science really works.

for the purpose of healing, though, i know this much:

we have to stop thinking about knots as solid, as something we “have.” instead think of them as only one out of may possible arrangements of molecules. one arrangement in one moment of time.

somewhere in there is the mystery and science of how we heal, from knots in our muscles to the shifting of the molecules of a serious disease.

we know it can happen.

as the molecules become hardened in their patterns, it seems less likely that an electron would be able to increase it’s vibration to jump to the next level, changing up the equation. breaking our patterns is not impossible, though.

unless we believe with our whole hearts and souls that it’s not possible to break them.

ha ha wait, it’s not possible for our hearts and souls to not believe.

it's what our hearts and souls do: they tell the truth. it must be our brains that are tripping us up. yes, it’s our brains. and now science knows our hearts can influence those persnickety* minds.

i’ve recently been kicking around over on i did the free heartmath experience they offer. lead with your heart, my friends. its vibration precedes you into the world. the world is reacting to that vibration. and you can change the vibration if you don’t like the reaction. check out that heartmath page if you haven’t. fascinating.

*my heart typed that word even though my brain wasn’t 100% sure of its definition. i looked it up. yup it fits. our poor old, overworked brains. i don't mean to judge them. it's not their fault. they're just doing their jobs. the thing is, they usually need a vacation, but we slog on, and wonder why every muscle and bone in our body hurts.


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