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EMPath Art Donation

Here are a few pics from our installation at EMPath’s Hastings House in Brighton, a short-term shelter for moms and their children. They had just done some updates to the physical site and were happy to have some original art to brighten up the walls!

Peggy and I wanted to “eyeball” it, but our helper insisted on a little more precision.

The frames ARE exactly straight! It may seem a little “off” but that’s because of the shadows and camera angle. (Right?) :-) Anyways, we were thrilled when a staff member brought a potted plant from her office to place on the table. The table has to remain empty for the safety of the children, but we thought it helped brighten that little corner for the photo.

Here we are with Judy who facilitated the donation. As VP of Mobility Mentoring Programs + Services, she’s sure got her hands full. Nevertheless, she came out for a quick pic to say thanks. It was our pleasure, for sure!


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