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Treatment Demos

These are the techniques you can add on to your massage.

Synergy Hot Stone Massage

These stones are made of ceramic, whereas traditional hot stones are basalt. There isn’t really emphasis on laying the stones on the body, as with a basalt treatment, but rather using them as an active massage tool.

Massage Cupping

I can’t resist showing you this video, not because of the now famous reference to Michael Phelps, but because it does a good job of demonstrating usage of the cups. I got my training from ACE, though recently I have gravitated toward using silicon cups which integrated more seamlessly into a regular massage.

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)

Dr. Mercola has another (long) video where he discusses stretching in detail. I chose this one because, (although I don’t recommend stretching while driving as Dr. Mercola does!) it’s a great basic demo of AIS.


Ok, I’m going out on a limb. Lourdes here came up first in my Youtube search. I thought you might think it was strange that she just sits there. :-) I’m sharing Lourdes’ channel with you because I could feel her energy loud and clear as I watched this video. Can you feel it?

In my office, I do Reiki with you lying on the table, fully clothed, placing my hands on or above the body in various positions depending on where I feel energy. People usually feel warmth, or waves of energy, or deeply relaxed, or feelings of calm well-being.


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